The CSD Office is closed this Tuesday and Thursday.  Hope it doesn’t inconvenience you.  Regular hours are M-F, 9-1 (but not this week).

The Community Services District (CSD) uses your donations and property tax dollars to make Yermo a better, safer, more enjoyable place to live.  A five-member elected Board of Directors meets at least once a month at the Community Services building, 38315 McCormick, just south of the Elementary School.  Public input is welcome and necessary since five ordinary volunteer (unpaid) Directors cannot possibly know everything that you’d like to see happen in Yermo, or changed, or whatever.  It’s also a good time to experience local government like in the old Town Hall meetings.

Meetings are the second Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.  An agenda is posted a few days ahead of time so you can know what will be discussed.  There is time at the beginning for the public to have input on things not on the agenda.

Vickie Paulsen, the General Manager, handles the daily business of the CSD.  Vickie is in the office Mon-Fri, 9:00-1:00 most of the time.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact her.

A Community Services District is only one kind of Special District in California.  For instance there are special Library Districts, Cemetery Districts, Water Districts, Recreation Districts, etc., but they are more limited in what kinds of services they can render.  All are created by local citizens who see a need for local management of their own resources.

Our Community Services District takes care of street lighting, making the streets safer for all; the two parks, Norman Smith and Fred F. Sandridge; and the Volunteer Fire Department.  We also can address other concerns — so let us know what you would like to have happen.